Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What a great Easter Day my family and I had. We drove out an hour and a half to a church where my sister in-law Bo has been the substitute pastor for a while. What a great service she did. So many wonderful people there too. This picture is the church that she is going to have in July!!
Her name will be on the bottom of the sign!! Can't wait to get that picture. We are so proud of Bo and how far she has come. With all the hard work she puts into something she loves. She will touch so many peoples lives. She is very soft spoken when she is up in front of everyone that she pulls you right in. For the ones who really know her......she is loud and you can't shout her up!! lol I'm so happy for her and wouldn't change her for anyone!!

My brother Tony and our mom.
Tony's family Hope and Bo.
Josh on the way home we stop at a spot where you could take in the view.

John and I were there. I just never seem to get pictures of us!

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