Sunday, March 27, 2011

West Minot Sugar House

I had never been to a Sugar House before today. John took me to the West Minot Sugar House. You would thinking living in Maine most of my life I would have gone at lest once!! I could not believe how many people were there. The place was packed. Cars parked up and down all four roads to past the place. So we got our walk in today. They were giving wagon rides, but we needed the walk.
We had to cross a small bridge that always has little flags on it. In the picture you can kinda see the blue tubes. They are what the sap runs though. The sign is at the top of the Sugar House. The room where they make the sap into syrup was so packed I could really get any good pictures of the in side. I don't like making people uncomfortable about being in pictures. I did what I could. This is one room where there wasn't as many people just wanted to show what the tubs look like.

The man to the left in the picture is the one who was teaching us about how to make sap into syrup. They use of 5000 trees.

We really enjoyed ourselves there and talking with other people from other states.
A great time had by many!!

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