Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Step At A Time

This week I have done a lot of running around. Meeting with so many new people. I'm really getting to know a lot of people around my town and near by towns. With talking with these new people I have found out that we know a lot of the same people which is really cool. I love to hear the stories that they have to tell. There is one woman I have been meeting with and she is so comfortable to talk to. She is a real people person which I'm not, but working on. I know I will never be as good as she is with people. That is something I'm working on one step at a time. I wish it was as easy as saying it. I have anxiety and panic attacks when being with new people and groups of people even if I know everyone. I know there are medications you can take for it. My doctors put me on one that made me have no feelings at all. My brothers dog had to be put down when I was on this medication and I was like it was no big deal. I didn't laugh anymore. Everyone told me I needed to get off it. So I did, mostly because I didn't like how it made me feel.

Over a year ago I was put on a medication for my migraines. Which works great!!! The cool thing is that is also helps with my anxiety a little. People have notice that I'm more out going. So this has been a big deal for me. I still have to work myself up to meeting with people. I'm not kidding you, it took me over a week to go to a store to ask if they would like one of my products to sell. A week, how sad is that!!! How I'm I going to sell things if I can't meet with people lol. Slowly I get things done, and find out that is wasn't that bad at all. I then ask myself why it took so long to do it. Stop being a chicken shit. Like I said so much easier to say then do. It's weird how your brain and body works. I can tell myself to get over it, work through it and everything is good until I'm walking in the door and my heart starts pounding and I think I'm going to die.

So this week was been very busy meeting with great people, and getting a lot of work done with my jewelry!! More earrings and bracelets on the way!

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