Friday, January 7, 2011

What a Great Day

Today has been a busy day!!... Love it! I got so much done around the house. I came up with more craft ideas. Not that they were any good. Here is what I was working with and around. Working with bottle caps and my Dremel tool!! Working around Ellie!! She seems to like bottle caps.I also redid some of my old pictures on Etsy. I wanted them to go better with my banner, and well... just to look better. I use fake pears for my shots. The sun was shining right in the window so that gave me some great shots of the jewelry and I also so played around alittle with the camera. Here are some pics.

If you want to see the other jewelry shots you'll have to check out my craft blog:
It shows some before and after shots.
I have been feeling great. I think it's because I stopped hanging around negative people, and what a difference. I have been talking to people who are happy, sweet, caring, kind, loving, and centered!!!! That is what I need in my life and I'm loving it. So thank you to the people in my life that allowing me to be the person I'm meant to be!
The glass is half full!!

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