Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Was Great

Our Christmas fun started with being at my mom's house on Friday night. My brother and his family would be getting there around 8pm. I helped ( some what helped) my mom earlier that day making lasagna. "The Christmas lasagna" that everyone looks forward to having every Christmas. So now I see how it was made, now to try it........I know I wouldn't be able to do it like hers.

Around 5pm John and I went up to my mom. Josh was at his fathers for the night :O(. Glen stopped by after we were there. When Tony and his family showed up we had so much fun. Tony is so awesome if I haven't told you before. He can play the piano like no one I have seen before. He played over 3 hours of us asking him to play what ever came to mind. I mean what ever.....the awesome part is.......he doesn't use books!!!!! He can hear a song once and play it!!!! I haven't heard him play in a long time, because he hasn't had a keyboard in a while. He brought up his new one and when he started to play my eyes watered. Silly I know but it just means so much to me to hear him play, and to see how happy playing makes him.

Here Tony is playing in the background, sorry this is the only picture, grrrrr.... John looks like he was drinking but he wasn't......or was he??

The dogs fell asleep to Tony playing!! How cute is that!!We stay there until 11:30pm or so, and it was off to bed!!

Christmas morning we had to wait for the call to go pick up Josh from his fathers apartment. That's when my Christmas starts is when we get Josh!!
I love to see Josh when he is really happy! No fake smiles here!!John opening one of his gifts (underwear... hehe).I'm opening the one gift that I really REALLY really wanted!!!! A back message thing that I saw it the store. Its just what I need.Yep, even Sadie got her Christmas bone!
This is Josh being funny! As if he doesn't know what wrapped in this one! He's just too funny! It's a snowboard! After we had our family Christmas we went up to my mom's house to do the whole family Christmas.

Nate with his new camo hat that we got himEmily and her gift from Tony & Bo.Hope with her gift from Glen and Denise.Everyone opening gifts and making a mess. Love it!!

Tony the human jungle gym.... Josh and Stretch, Glen's dog.

Hope you all had as much fun as we did!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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