Monday, October 18, 2010


I have been laid off now for a while. I'm thinking of trying one of the work at home deals. The one that has caught my eye is New England Crafters / The Magical Gift Company. I would like to know if anyone knows about them or if anyone knows of a great at home company to work for. I love the thought of being home. If my son ever needs me at school or anything I can be there. I can make my own hours. Just finding one that isn't a get rick scam. I'm a hard worker I just need something to do for money because there is nothing around for job in my town!!

I'm always wishing I can sell stuff I make online, I guess that another way to make a little cash. :O) You know how it is, Christmas is just around the corner!

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Becky said...

do what I do.. its def. not a scam.. here is the link.. you gotta have steady hands, and patience, but you get 200$ a kit... heres the link..