Monday, September 27, 2010


This is our Summer in a Nut Shell.
Josh had to have 3 shoots before going into Jr. High. He was not happy at all with this.
Sadie still floats. Josh being himself. Josh found a gross spider by the lake the size of his hand. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My good friend Charity with her new horse!! John tried to break my thumb. We were playing around and he went to hit my ass and I blocked it with my thumb!! Dumb!! Josh is now 12!!! All the pets are doing great. Had to help my mom catch a big eyed mouse in the house with babies. Baby mice just ah hanging on for dear life. Great Summer Nights Joshua first day of Jr. High. Dinner and a movie with all the kids. John and I took Emily and Josh up to the top of the world. Not sure why they all look tired, I was the one with the backpack full of food and water!!!

On top of the world. They made it.

This is Tom's house. I painted it the pass couple of weeks to help him out. This a side of Tom's house. This is the back side of the house. Here is his shed that he wanted to match the house.

This is the shed almost done. I forgot to take a picture of it done. It looks so much better now that it matches the house.Josh wanted his room redone. This is the old baby like wallpaper that he wanted changed, but he wanted me to save some to have. How cute. It was a little bit of work to get that paper off, but not to bad. This is the room after. I tried to make it the way he wanted. Joshua was very happy with his room. He is becoming a teen and I'm not sure I like it. LOL

That's it in a nut shell.

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