Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I hope to have some pictures soon!!! I have them but can't post them!!! I'm working on it, working on it.

Well the snow is here for sure now!!! It started this morning around 8:00am. Josh got up at 7 and looked out the window and started to cry because there was no snow, he thought he would have to go to school. I knew there won't be any school by the way everyone was talking about how bad of a storm its going to be. I told him to go watch the TV and he would see that he didn't have school. He had his whole day planned out. When Josh doesn't have school because of a snow day I don't go to work because I don't like to drive in it and my boss is very nice about that.

I would have to say Josh was outside must of the day. He hung out with all the neighborhood kids. I love it when the neighborhood kids hang out at our house because then I know where Josh is and what he is doing. I found out today why I don't care for them all here when there is a snow storm. They all played in the snow having a grand old time, and come in with the snow in any hole, pocket, boot, hat, glove, sock, hair, mitten, scarf, earmuff, snow pants, shirt, jacket, and hood. Then the snow drops off all of their stuff onto my kitchen floor. I had to keep mopping up the water. I didn't know one winter jacket could hold so much water. You would think the kids would put their boots on the bootmats, their gloves and hats on the rack for them, nope. Everything goes into one big wet winter clothes pile on the floor right infront of the door. Ya got to love that!!!

So John got home late because of the snow and he had to stop at the store to get new wiper blade for his car because they broke off on his way home. Then he goes to snow blow and it won't start because the pull came right off, then he tried to start it with the cord and it won't start. So he had to fix the pull start and it worked thank God. After awhile of snow blowing it stopped working because Josh forgot to pick up his snowboard from the other day and the snow covered it and John hit it with the snow blower it!! Yep it's chopped up and the snow blower doesn't work now because the belt has to be replaced!!! So only half the drive way is done so we have to go back out and do it with shovels and it's 7:30pm now and still snowing. Oh ya when he had to use a cord to start the snow blower he used the one that I had from my Christmas lights out front, and now they don't work :O(

I say that now but I know I won't be thinking that tonight when I'm out there shoveling!!!

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Jeanne said...

We got a good snow here along with some cold weather. Nice to be home whre it's warm and toasty.