Saturday, October 10, 2009


I went to work and we headed over to the job site where we are working outside painting a building. It's getting cold out there. Soon it will be to cold for painting outside. When it becames to cold we are going to start our inside jobs. I found out I got a raise when I got my check!!! Ya... that will help us out! It's because I'm a painter now too.

On the way home from work I stop at my bosses house to get some more cans and bottles for CANS FOR A CURE . Right after I picked them up I took them right over to turn them into cash, we added another $17.00 to the pot and now we are up to $75.00. We are going to be getting more this weekend. After that I came home to clean up because we wanted to head right back out to go shopping for birthday gifts for Nate. We headed to Portland and on the way we stopped and donated blood. I haven't done it in years. That took about an hour because we were a walk in would have been faster if we made appointments. I didn't mind I just wanted to help out. We both got tee shirt, so that was cool. We found out that you should drink a lot of water the day that you are going to donate. Plus after they said you should take it easy and not walk around a lot. OH WELL we had to go shopping it was the only time we had before the party. We were done shopping around 10:00pm and got home around 11:00pm and both of us were so sleepy we went right to bed. I think donating then walking around a lot took a lot out of us both. So now I know not to plan something on the same day and to drink water.


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