Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Our trip to Tennessee went great. The weather wasn't that bad. Hot but nothing we couldn't handle. I took over 300 pictures of things here and there. I took a bunch of water towers. We found a down home restaurant called Tuckers, the waitress Heather was great. Every morning we walked in and sat down she would come over with John and Tom's coffee and my water. We told her where we were from and that we wanted to try something truly southern. She was so sweet and would tell us what we should try and tell us the things that we really shouldn't try. So one of the things Heather told us to try was hush puppies with white beens, John tried them and said they were good. So I asked to try some. They were good but to hot. John had them gone befor I could ask for more. This is what the restaurant looked like in the "70"s and still looks the same today. Only the cars are newer!!! I forgot to take one of it!! But John took this one.Look at the first thing on the menu BRAINS AND EGGS!!! Gross, we asked what the brains were from, PIGS!!! GROSS. That was one of the don't tries!!
Along a road we saw these bird houses. I'm not sure for what kind of birds but it was really cool. We also went to Loretta Lynn Museum . I really don't know a lot about her, but Tom loves her so we stop there to look around.

This is Loretta's tour bus.

This picture is in front of her House.

We also stopped at this little store for a drink . It is owned by one of Loretta Lynn's daughters,Cissie. She was very sweet.
We also stopped at her other daughters Flea Market, she too was very sweet. We had a great time. I found that the people down south seem to be nicer. They really try to please you. I was looking for post cards so I could send one back to Josh. The first store we couldn't find any so we asked if they had any. They said no, but we have index cards, the second store we went into said they had greeting cards. I thought it was too funny how they just wanted us happy. We also had to have our tire on the car fixed. We went to a small garage that pulled the car they were working on so they could get ours in, the took about 15 minutes to fix it and it only cost $5.00!!!! In my town that would have been a days wait, and cost $50.00. I love Tennessee, but the things I didn't like about Tennessee is the BIG bugs they have or the snakes. I didn't like that you couldn't just walk though the woods like you can here in Maine. I didn't like that they don't recycle drinking bottles or their trash, at least that I could see. I also saw that Maine roads were a lot cleaner then other states. Tires and dead animals on the sides of the roads just made it look gross. So all in all it was a great trip!!
Like I said it was hot, you can tell in this picture.


lee and hannah said...

we have a ton of those bird houses, too!! there's a house on the same road as my dad's house & i always call it the "bird apartment complex" when i see all of them up there together :) glad y'all had fun in the SOUTH! :)... yes, its hot & the bugs are big, but we're good people!

The Pats said...

Welcome home. I didn't know you were gone on vacation and I was a little concerned when your Blog didn't have any new entries. Glad it was for fun and not a problem. How could you go to Tennessee and not go visit Elvis's place? It is a nice state with good people. Very nice pictures, will look forward to seeing more.