Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm so sick of rain. Where the hell is the Maine Summer. It's been getting warmer, well if you call muggy warm?!! I wanted to feel better so after the yummy dinner John made (yes I cook too, last night I did and should have taken a picture because it too was very yummy)...
I took a shower using all summer smelling soaps and shampoo to get me in the summer mood. I took it one step further, and painted my nails purple with pink dots. John laughed at me. I don't care, it made me feel better.

Today after work, I mowed my mothers lawn after jump starting the mower again!!! I know now just to pull my van right up to the shed to start the mower. The grass has been growing so fast with all the rain. Once again the jiggle test has proven that I am losing weight!!!! I'm on the same diet that Johns doctors put him on because of his diabetes. I thought we both should do it. It would make it easier for him to have someone do it with him. Anyhoo I have lost 10 pounds!!!! He has lost 7!!! Ya for us I know. But let me tell you, riding that mower is feeling better and better every time.

After mowing the lawn I filled the back of my van with fire wood from the tree my brother and I cut down at my mom's a month ago do to a storm. Well Glen cut it, but I helped move it. I have been loading wood and bring it to our house for our fire pit out back. We are hoping to have a fire this Saturday because Josh is having friends sleep over!!! This is the first time with two friend at the same time!! I hope it goes well.

Now that I have filled you in on my days I need to go start dinner (yes tonight I cook because John is working overtime) then I'm taking a shower!!!! With that summer smelling soap again!!!


lee and hannah said...

love the toe nails!! that's talent to paint something like that!! :) they look pretty summer-y to me!

Jeanne said...

I hear ya on the summer. Its either cold and rainy or muggys aned rainy here. We get a random bit of sunshine now and then. 'sigh' Love your pretty nails!