Saturday, July 11, 2009


I can't believe how fast bird grow. What does Mama Bird feed the little ones?? Giant worms!! 1st picture taken Tuesday, 2ND picture was taken Friday. They "just" fit in the nest!! They are now Teen Birds. There are eating her out of house and home. This time the Mama Bird really wanted a good picture of her taken. She wanted everyone to see who she really is. If you look close you will see the Teen Birds heads looking for food, get a job. I'm telling you Mama Bird has been busy keeping up with her 3 Teen Birds. I think she'll be kicking them out soon. This shot was taken far away because I didn't want her to fly away. You have to have a still hand with the camera I don't that's why the picture is fuzzy.

I'm telling you I love my new camera. The shots I'm getting with it are great. Just take a look.

This one is mad because I keep taking pictures of him. You should have heard what he was saying!!!!! I'm sure he will be the first to go.

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lee and hannah said...

great pictures!! :) i know you're lovin' that camera!