Sunday, July 5, 2009


This post has a lot of pictures sorry.
We had a three day weekend. It started Friday morning John said he found a camera on sale at Sears he wanted to get me. I called Sears to see if they had any there before driving 30 minutes. They said they had 6 in stock. YAAA!! So we drive out there to get it. I'm was so glad I was getting a new camera. It was on sale from$125.00 to $70.00. It was a GE 9.1 megapixel. When we got there we looked up and down for the camera until we gave up and asked for help. The woman said we were the 2ND person with in the hour who were looking for this camera. They don't have any at the store, never did she said. I was "P-O". I told her I call this very store to make sure they were here. She said I must have called the hot line number and they aren't even in the country. I told her no it was this store she kept telling me I was wrong. To tell you the truth she sounded a lot like the woman on the phone!!! So we walked out with a camera!!! I was so sad.

We drove home and I just couldn't handle sitting around I wanted to go to Sunday River to walk around in the woods. That always makes me happy. I didn't care if it was raining. It always rains now so you might as well get out in it.
You can see the ski trails on the mountain in the back.
Josh and John stepping over a small part of Sunday River
King of the World.

After Sunday River we came home to get Josh packed up to go to his fathers for the weekend. That gave John the idea to call the Sears in Portland to see if they had the camera. Being Josh doesn't like long car rides that worked out. John called and found out they didn't have the camera but did have one close to it. This one was a 12.1 megapixel for $60.00, $10.00 less then the other one. So we drove down to see if we liked it, and we did. So now I have a better camera!!!!! I hope you like the pictures!!

July 4Th John and I went to my brother Glen's house. On the drive down there it down poured with hail a little bigger then pea size. Sadie didn't like that at all and tried to jump in Johns lap. John was driving!! We made it down without any damage to the van. Pictures taken today at my mother's house.

These are baby birds at my mother's.

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Jeanne said...

YaY on the new camera! Looks like you're already giving it a good workout. Great shots and love the beautiful location on those first ones. Enjoy the new toy!