Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have some friends who just had a baby of their own and need to find homes for 5 cute collie puppies. They have a house full and not enough time to spend with the puppies.
Here is their deal. The puppies are $350.00 but if people are willing to take them before their 8 week vet appointment they will make them $250.00. They come with all the paperwork they need.

They really hate to do it but if at 8 weeks they have not sold the puppies they are taking them to a shelter. The shelter is a "NO KILL" shelter but at the same time they always hesitate to take them there. They feel they really don't have a choice. Their house is busy enough with a newborn, they really can't handle puppies.

They do their best to play with them an show them lots of love but it is unfair to them to not have their new homes.

Any help would be appreciated in finding some homes for these 5 little guys/gals.

If you would like one or know someone who would like one of these puppies please email me to let me know. I will help you get in touch with the owners.

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