Monday, June 8, 2009


We have been trying to make our yard look like better, with little or no money at all. It has been really hard. I have been wanting trees for the back and front yard. So I went up to my mothers land to dig up some baby pine trees in hope they will grow in our yard. If they die no loss. Here is one of the baby pine trees before being dug up from it's lovely woodland home. This is the baby pine trees on a short ride from the woods to the van where they had their first van ride to the unknown.
This is one of the baby pine trees feeling out the new yard.

I wanted to protect the baby pine trees from the MOWER MAN who likes to run baby trees over. Oh that would be John.

This is all four babies. When they were planted they looked straight, but in the picture they don't. I think the second one in didn't like where he was and moved a little. While that's what I'm going with.


lee and hannah said...

well, you better have one heck of a "mower man" to mow all of that grass i see in the last picture!! ha!

lee mowed our grass today and it took him about 20 minutes! lol

Jeanne said...

How clever of you to protect the trees. Wish I'd thought of that at our old house when I tried planting a baby tree. : (