Friday, May 22, 2009


The weather is getting warmer so shorts and tank tops are a must. I got out my summer clothes and to my surprise, OK who's kidding, I knew I just don't like to admit it. I have gained some weight. None of my summer clothes fits like they should. I don't feel comfortable in them at all. So today my mother and I went shopping. Being I'm still laid off we went to Goodwill. Even if I was at work I still shop at Goodwill. On our way there we hit a few early yard sales. I was on a mission for clothes!! We stopped at one yard sale that was fill a bag for a dollar! You can't bet that. I grab what I knew I would wear, not just because I could fit into the bag. I walked away with 2 short sleeve shirt ( one green v-neck, the other brown/tan design wrap like) and 2 tank tops (one tank was new with tags and one with square design) . Then we were off to the first Goodwill! I went rack to rack finding everything that I liked. I could have been in one of their ads. I had 12 shirts in hand. I went into the changing room to try them all on. I have learned that you should not wear hanging earrings, they get caught on the shirts when your hurrying. After trying them all on I walked out with none. They were to small or the top part fit and the bottom didn't. They were to see through or to short. I hate this whole trying things on. Off to the 2Nd Goodwill. I went rack to rack. I walked into the changing room with 12 again, but this time I walked out with 4 tank tops(light grey, dark grey, pink, and brown/tan with design) and 1 wrap that can go over the tank tops that was brown with little blue flowers!! Ya!! On the way home we stop at another yard sale and I found 1 pink tank top. I spent $25.00 for 10 shirts. Name brands by the way like Old Navy and Gap. They all look new. The only thing I couldn't find that I was also looking for were shorts. So John and I went shopping at Wal-mart after we went to Josh's game and dropped him off at his fathers. I found only 1 pair of tan shorts that go just above the knee (I tried to find some that are between the knee and hip. All they have are short shorts or long) and a pair of blue jean capris. That cost $22.00 just for 2 thing, that's why I like Goodwill or yard sales!!
So I guess I should hit the gym so I can fit back into my old stuff but I don't have the money for that. So I guess I should start walking again. I would love to work out at home but that only last a week. I need someone to work out with that pushes me, and helps me. John just isn't that kind of guy. GRRR and food, yummy that is my big problem. Why is ice cream so yummy!!!!! Dam that ice cream. Today I also came across a pig!! Do you think someone is trying to tell me something????????????????????????????????????????????????????


SillyShelly said...

I have always found the BEST stuff at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. The whole 'trying things on' thing sucks, but perserverence wins in the end. (Is that a word?)

Jeanne said...

We have a gym at work we can use but this past winter I was such a slacker and fell off the workout wagon. When I got out of work I just wanted to go home where it was cozy and warm. Matt's no help he works second shift and weekends wants to pig out. He has no problem at all keeping weight off. My daughter has gotten me back on track and it's starting to help. We do a Jazzercise class once a week and I'm getting me back into the work gym. Good deal on the clothes. I hate buying new stuff, so darn expensive. Then I end up getting some stain that just won't come out. Grr. RYC: I love sunflowers too. There's a field near us that was full of them last year I had a blast taking pics off. Can't wait to get some shots this year!

lee and hannah said...

the new blog picture format looks great!! glad it worked for you!! :)

i've never been able to get up early enough to do the yard sale thing...sounds like fun!!