Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I woke up at 6:45am, 15 minutes before my alarm, I hate that. I like to sleep as much as I can. Every minute counts. It seems lately my body knows the sun is coming up sooner so I must be up. I know a lot of you have to get up way before 7:00am and I feel for you. But I really get up at 5:00am to get my husband up, and from there I try to get back to sleep, it doesn't always work. So I got up and got dressed and woke Josh up and started our day getting really for work and school. The phone rang and it was Rick from my work letting me know we didn't have heat at the shop and I should dress warm for the day. Thank God we are moving this week to our new building.

When I got to work it was cold. There are so many things that need to be glued and sprayed out that we are trying to get done before going over to the new building. Having no heat we can't spray anything. We don't want to have to move them more then we have to. So I started working on those things while the other boys packed up the van. Now I understand getting a move on, but they are taking things that I may need for my projects. I got to go over to the new building to help build shelves for our stuff. We also started working on the work benches.
By the end of the day today half of our stuff is in the old building and the other half is in the new building. I can't wait for Wednesday when I find out I need something across town. I keep telling my boss that we should just move everything over. There really aren't that many project to be done, plus they are small and easy to move. I don't want to do them half ass, and I don't think the owner of the furniture would like that.

I do know that I like the new building. The heat wasn't even on in our space and it was warm enough to take my pullover off. Oh when I say new building I mean it's a new building to us. It was a mill years ago. The space is smaller but it's just what we need. I don't care for the stairs I have to climb to get to the 3rd floor. They going around, I will have to take a picture of it. The left side of the step is about an inch wide and the right side is about a foot or more wide. All I know is it's a work out every time. So I hope I will lose weight working there!!

I can't wait to see what Wednesday brings. Oh I forgot to say my boss wants to be up and running there by Friday!!!!!!!! So we have to move, and work on things in 3 days??!! Ya-right!!

This Friday is John birthday!! We are going out for dinner. He can't wait, we don't eat out that much and he loves to go to restaurants. We are going to Olive Garden! I can't wait.

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