Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday Night Fire, and Saturday brings up a QUESTION

Friday night John, Sadie (the dog), and I got all curled up on the coach to watch movies. We had free HBO this weekend so that was nice. With in the night Sadie jumped off the coach and went to the front door. You could see she really wanted to go out. So I uncover from my nice warm blanket and opened the door to let her out. She ran out and started barking looking across the fields. It was dark out so I had to turn on the light. I looked out across the field and could see bright light coming from town. Then I made out smoke above the light. So I knew there was a house on fire from the area that it was coming from. It burned of a long time. I hate to see something like that because you know it can't be good. You know if it is a house that it's gone and a family is without a home. We watched the 11:00 news to see if they would say anything about the fire. They did, it was an apartment building. So it's not just one family without a home it's more. That hurts my heart. The good thing was no one was hurt. Saturday morning we drove pasted it to see what house it was on our way to my dads house.

After seeing my dad we drove out to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society to donate some cat food this time. We try to do it when we can. The funny thing is we really should be saving the money because we really need to build up our own savings bad I mean really bad!!!! For some reason John and I just have to do it. It seems to be our calling. John likes to look at the cats, when I run right to the dogs. I like to walk them if I have time. Just looking at their sad faces and when you take them outside how happy they are. The dogs and cats there go fast. So I know must all the dogs and cats find homes. John looks at the cats because he knows soon we will be picking one out. See Dallas my cat of 13 years is fading but we know it might be sooner then later. That brings up a question that maybe you can help me with. Should we get a cat now before Dallas passes, or wait???? My mother says get one now so Dallas knows I'm happy, that she won't be leaving me with out someone else to love. We have another cat Gizmo, that we don't want to be alone. I feel if I get another cat now it will push her into leaving!! I don't want that. What would you do??

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