Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well the snow is here!! This morning I got up to this.
It wasn't really that much, but enough to make the van slided around a little bit. I just hope we don't get any more this week for the holiday. Ya, four days off. I can't wait. We are going to my brothers house for Thanksgiving and after we are coming home to put up all my snowmen. I think we are going to put up our tree too, I just don't know if it's to early. I love the Christmas lights on the tree to light up the living room at night. I burn my Christmas candles all day!! LOVE IT!!!! It's the small things that make me so happy. Oh I just can't wait. But I will say the day after Christmas I'm so done with the tree, it comes right down. I love it for the month, by the end I can't wait to have my living room back.

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