Sunday, November 2, 2008


November 1st is the first day of hunting here is Maine. I have never gone before and wanted to see what it was all about. I'm thinking of getting my license next year. I thought by going with my brother I could get a feel for it. I really don't know if I saw a deer if I could really shot it. I just remember watching the movie Bambi as a kid and crying because of the hunters. So I was hoping to see one and see if it was something I could do. We drove up to our mother's house, dropped off the truck, packed up what we needed and were at the woods at 6:30, that's right when the sun started to come up. We stud there for a little while because it was not light enough to go into the woods. As we were standing there we heard a deer make it snorting sound three times. We thought that was a good sign that he was going to get his first deer. As soon as it was light enough we started to walk into the woods. Glen walked in front of me because he was the one with the gun. I had my camera ready to take a picture of what ever moved. We walked and walked and walked. We did really good about not making to much noise when walking. I was afraid that I was going to be really bad about being quite. I think I did pretty good. Glen saw a rabbit he thinks, and we saw birds of all kinds. I could not believe how much we walked. We came up to the base of a mountain /big hill in the woods. We decided to climb it. What the hell were we thinking.

There was a part that was so steep I started to lose grip and had to yell for Glen to help me because I couldn't grab onto anything. There were no trees for me to reach, the rock to was holding onto had moss that was peeling off and my hiking boots didn't have any grip. I was going to fall to my death, well I would have broke something for sure. He quickly put his gun down and grabbed onto a tree and reached for my hand and pulled me to where I could grab a tree myself. So my brother saved my life, or arm, leg you name it he saved me. So thank you Glen.

We made it to the top. At this point I was dying. That was such a work out it wasn't funny. I just wanted to stay to the top for ever. The view was unbelievable. As kids would go up there all the time, but there was a 4wheeler trial we used so it was a lot easier to get up there. Plus we were a lot younger too. We took tons of picture and had to go back down. You would think going down the mountain / hill would have been easier for me but because of my bad knees it wasn't. Every step was hurting so bad. On a scale from 1 -10 it was an 6 to 7. I can work through pain but the none stop of it all just sucked. When we got to flat ground I was so relieved. We walked to where the pond was because there was a trial all the way around it. We were really done for the day. I just wanted to get back to my mothers house to rest.

In the background of the picture you can see the snow on Mt. Washington.

These picture are the same pond. If you look at the picture taken on top of the mountain looking down at the pond you will see a dirt road at the top left part of the pond. That is the road my mother lives on. The picture taken from the pond looking at the mountain/ hill is from the dirt road. That is what we climb up and down.
So by the time we made it to the dirt road we never saw a deer after walking over 5 hours. We walked at a fast passe back to our mother's house I really needed the bathroom because if I can help it I don't go in the woods. We stayed there for a little while. She made us waffles and coffee. Thanks mom your the best I was so hungry. I had a great time. I would like next time less climbing, and more deer.

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