Friday, October 10, 2008

Sadie At Work

This week I took Sadie to work with me. I've been there most of the day by myself so I thought I would give her another try at work. She is doing well. She still barks at everyone that walks in I don't care for that to much. I'm hoping she will get better. I like not being there all by myself. Not that she talks to me, but I can talk to her. I know I'm the crazy dog lady. Don't care. She helps the time to go by.

The other day I went up to my mothers so Sadie could run around with Lacey. Lacey is getting so big. Lacey is almost as big Sadie, not as round. The love playing together. I think Lacey has more fun the Sadie.

Sadie hard at work and hard at play wants more food.

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flying fish said...

Sadie at work and play, she's an all around terrific dog! I love the last photo with the bag of Beneful, what a crack up.