Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Of all people to get an idea for a baby shower, I got one from Rick one of the guys at my work. I hate to say it but it's really cute. He said at one shower he heard about a woman got a gift bag and put baby clothes in it. Only when the mother to be pulled them out, they were on a laundry line with pink and blue clothes pins. I'm so going to look into doing that. So thank you for that idea Rick.

On anther note. On my way home from work today the wind was really bad. My van was all over the road, and no I was not drinking. The leaves were falling from the trees and getting blown around, it almost looked like a blizzard of leaves instead of snow. Then that got me thinking of driving in the snow, no I don't want to think about driving in snow. I hate driving in snow now. I never did until last year when I went off the road going up hill in my van. Ya that's right I said up hill, and I wasn't even going that fast. I didn't think you could slid going up, but you can, and I did, and it sucked. I went through a big snow bank, then down an embankment and seeing trees coming right at me, I prepared myself for an impacted. The van stop right in front of the trees so nothing happened to my van. I sat there for a minute and tried to stop shaking. I really wanted to cry but thought what good would that do. I pushed open my door which was very hard being the snow was beyond the door frame. When I stepped out my foot went about two feet into the snow, and I only had on hiking boots. I climbed up the embankment to the road and call my husband first to have him call the tow truck, then I called my mom to let her know I wasn't going to be picking up Joshua, that John was going to because I was off the road. The good thing is I knew the tow truck driver. So when he got my van out, he was nice enough to put my van on the flatbed and tow me back to town which was 20 minutes away being he was going that way anyways he didn't charge me for the tow, only the pulling me out. He could see I really didn't want to drive those roads. I should have taken the flat way home I didn't think the roads were that bad. Lesson learned.

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