Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bus Fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today after work I was picking up Joshua from his father's apartment to go home. As we were getting in our van, fire trucks were headed to a fire. We didn't think anything of it being the fire station is right up the street. We headed to our house and could see thick black smoke. It almost looked like it was in the area of our house. It wasn't, the wind made it look like that. We followed the smoke and it was coming from the high school. We drove to the packing lot across the street from the school and got some pictures. They were not letting anyone near the school.

So after it was out we went home to tell John about what we saw. We had dinner and watch the news to see if they would say anything about it. Nothing was said so maybe on the late new it will be on.

We went for our evening walk and decided not to go where we always go. We walked over to the high school to see if the bus was still there. It was gone but some firemen where there cleaning the area where the bus was. They still were not letting people over there. We thought maybe they brought the bus to the bus garage. We walked over to see if that's where they put it being it was by the school. There it was. We could not believe how bad the bus was burned. There were bus drivers there talking about what happened. We asked if anyone got hurt they said no. From what they told us is the driver started the bus and something in the engine caught fire and it went up from there.

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Steve Hildebrand said...

I don't know how I missed that. I drove right past there. Seems odd to me that they would just leave it there. Cool pics.