Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where is my Imagination

Creating is something I love to do. I have done wood working, gardening, and scrapbooks. I try to do art with paint and drawings. I have been reading an other blog . I keep see her doodling away. I thought to myself I used to doodle all the time in high school so why not give it a try. Well my doodling looks like a 2nd grader did it. I have lost my imagination, where is it. My goal is to find it!! Here are some water colors I did the other night. It started off with only black ink, but then I thought it needed some color. I have never used water color before so bare with me. I'm learning all on my own. I guess I should look into taking some art classes!!! The good thing about it was, I had fun. I wasn't sitting on the couch watching TV. Let me know what you think!! Maybe you can help me find my imagination??

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Steve Hildebrand said...

I think they look nice. Like 10000 times better than I can ever do. Imagination and Creativity will come back once you start using your brain in those ways. Give it time.