Monday, August 11, 2008

This weekend John and I said we would try to just relax the two days. He has been working a lot of overtime. Saturday we got up John made breakfast. Then we were off to the dump, there was an old toilet from the people who lived here before us that was sitting right behind the house for over a year, it was time for it to go. So after we dropped that off ,we looked for yard sales. Not many were out there because of the weather. We wanted to just drive around to look for them and to see what we could find, so we stopped back at the house to pick up Sadie. She to needed to get out of the house for awhile just like us. We stopped at a few sales but didn't find anything. It hard for us to spend money right now, and if we really don't need it we don't buy it. Years ago we would buy stuff because it was a good price. Now it's save, save, save. So we went home. When we got there I wanted to clean out my son's room. He was at his father's house for the weekend so I thought it would be a great time to clean out everything. I went through his clothes and shoes to see what doesn't fit anymore, book he has grown out of, and paper work he just doesn't need anymore. That took hours, putting everything where it should have been. While I was doing that John was cleaning out the closet in the computer/craft room. Now we have a pile of stuff in the computer/craft room to walk around that come out of the closet and the stuff from Joshua's room until I give them to family and friends. Now that John started with the computer room I thought we should go through that room to see what else should go. We are on this kick right now. If we haven't use it, read it, or played with it in over a year it has to go. Before we knew it, it was 10:00 and we had rented a movie to watch so we stopped to watch it.

Sunday we got up and John took the trash to the dump this time, and I stayed home cleaning the house. When he got back he mowed the lawn, which really needed to be mowed because our dog Sadie will not go out in long wet grass. We have to drag her down the stair for her to touch the wet grass. What's funny is she is a water dog. She loves going in the lake. When she's in the lake we have to drag her out and hook her up because she just keeps swimming. So why does she hate wet grass.

So we really didn't do much this weekend. I wish I had something better to write about.

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Steve Hildebrand said...

Sounds like you got some important little chores done this weekend. I know what you mean about the savings at the yard sales. We are the same way.

Wouldn't you rather be working outside in the sun?