Sunday, August 3, 2008

Parties don't alway go as planned

This Saturday was my son's 10Th Birthday Lego Party. It's funny how you can plan for weeks on what you want to do, Lego games your going to play, what food your going to eat. The big day comes and nothing goes right. It was my sister in-law and mother that told me to go with the flow. I was very upset that things weren't going as planned. It took me awhile to flow. I seemed to hit a few rocks along the way. So something I thought that was turning out to be a disasters, became a learning experience. You should alway find the positive with in a situation. After I was in that mind set things seemed to go better. Like I said NOT AS PLANNED but better. As long as my son had a good day that's all it mattered.


Steve Hildebrand said...

You got it right...As long a he had fun that is the key. Sounds like he had fun.

Parties never go as planned. When I worked the wedding industry and had meetings with brides, I would tell them to plan on something going wrong. It always does. One bride had the day planned by the MINUTE! I told her it would never work out but the most important thing is you get married. Parties. Huh...I would rather let someone else plan it.

Sounds like you handled it well though.

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Happy birthday! So glad it turned out ok. Remember kids are happy even with simply things ;)
It`s the parents that stress :)