Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Hard Days Work

Today I went over to help my brother and his wife work on their house. My sister in-law and I painted and he worked on the very small bathroom downstairs. The painting wasn't to bad. We picked out a moss green paint and started, and quickly stopped!! The moss green was more like a mint green. When we bought the paint for the dinning room we also picked up paint for the living room that we will be doing later. She really hated the color of the green and didn't want to run out to get more paint. So she said to try the tan that was for the living room to see how that would look. Wow it was so much better then the green. So now the dinning room is tan, and the living room will be a darker tan. As far as the very small bathroom downstairs. The floor got really wet from the old toilet that sweat so much. He took out the toilet and took up the floor that was rotten. Had to put in new beams. Tomorrow he will put down the new flooring and my sister in-law and I will paint the bathroom well one of us will because only one of us can fit, then the new toilet that doesn't sweat will go in.

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Steve Hildebrand said...

looks like tough work. I think the tan was a good idea.