Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st Day of School

Well it's that time of year again!! Getting ready for school in the morning, making sure you have everything before you walk out the door. We had a great morning everything went as planned. We did what we do every year, take the first day of school pictures. We take one in front of the flower garden (that is in sad shape), then one next to the tree in the front yard. Then we're off to school. I dropped him off in front of the school. Josh said good bye to me in the van. Right when he hugged me, my eyes watered up. What is up with that??!! This will be the 6th year of sending him to school. I thought I was over the crying thing. Wow!! He just looked at me smile and said "mom I'm just going to school, I'll be out in a few hours". I just hugged him again, and he was off. I drove away after I couldn't see him anymore.

I got home and started right in on my Bubble Fish. Now I'm off to my mom's to walk the dogs and mow the lawn. I need to pass the time away. I can't wait to hear how Josh's day went.

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