Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day in the Rain

We had a very bad storm today. There was a lot of lighting and thunder. The rain was coming down really hard. My gardens took a good beating. A lot of the flowers petals fell off. Sadie my dog really hates thunder storms. She hinds anywhere she can find or fit under. It's really sad how scared she is. We try to act like it's nothing and play with her it helps a little. When the storm let up I had to go to the bank so I could pay some bills. Not goose bills!! Joshua, Sadie and I got in the van to head to town. On our way we found some Canadian Geese coming out for a day in the rain. Sadie wanted them bad. I guess she really is a bird dog. So we went on our way around town to pay bills. Joshua wanted to see more of what the storm brought out so we over to where someone said a tree was hit by lighting. It was a pine tree in front of a apartment building in town. All you could see was where the bark was missing here and there on the tree. Then Joshua wanted to go see his grandmother and her puppy.

Lacey is so cute. When my mother got her, she really wasn't getting into things. Every time I go over now things are disappearing. Lacey is trying to chew them so Barbara put them away so she won't get them. Because of the storm today Lacey had a little accident on the floor because she didn't want to go out. Other then that she is a doll. Trying to take pictures of her close is hard because she wants to play with the camera, but the close pictures are funny to Joshua. He wanted me to put them on here.


sooziebee said...

Thankyou for your loevly comment on my blog! We are coming to New England on holiday this year, any tips on where to go/not to go would be really useful
Kind regards

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Isn`t she a sweetie! I too have one that doesn`t like to go out in the rain.
I hate when it rains, I have 3 dogs which is 12 paws to wipe when they come back in..LOL